alcatraz 1 'Alcatraz' recap: The Sound of MusicIn 1960, Lucy is tasked with treating an inmate named Webb Porter who spends every night wailing in agony. He’s been placed in solitary confinement so that he doesn’t deprive the other inmates of sleep. Lucy quickly determines that he suffers from tinnitus, most likely the result of his mother trying to drown him in childhood. She teaches him to tune out the ringing with music. She even procures a violin for him. Webb turns out to be a savant, able to play within moments of picking up a bow.

When he shows up in 2012, he’s determined to join the San Francisco Philharmonic. He practices with such vigor that his bow frays. No worries, though, because he’s got a woman tied up and uses her hair to repair the bow. Seems to me human hair would be too smooth for that purpose, but whatever. Hauser and the the rest of the team pick up that distinctive ’63 scent and hunt him down, but it soon becomes apparent that Hauser’s secrets are getting in the way. He hasn’t told them about Lucy or the colloidal silver or much of anything else and they end up chasing their tails for a while.

When a second woman turns up dead and hairless, the team finally picks up on what’s going on. They track down his third victim, who’s still alive and tells Webb is playing with the symphony that night. He’s not, really, because they turn him down after discovering he can’t read music. He just goes to the concert hall and plays for an empty audience, where the team nabs him with ease. Hauser takes him back to the woodsy prison. Webb’s magic blood is a match for Lucy. She wakes within minutes of being transfused, her eyes opening dramatically just in time to witness the end credits. Stay tuned for the full weecap.

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