alec kelly live 2 abc Alec Baldwin drops a dirty word during 'Live! with Kelly' co hosting stintAs Kelly Ripa continues to look for a full-time co-host on Live! with Kelly,” it’s pretty certain that Alec Baldwin just talked himself out of a job.

The “30 Rock” star was in the guest host chair on Wednesday (Feb. 29). But just minutes into his stint on the morning show, Baldwin says one of those words you can’t say on TV.

Baldwin and Ripa were revisiting his last co-hosting turn on “Live!” in 2001 when the guests were heavyweight fighters Hasim Rahman and Lennox Lewis. This is where Baldwin gets himself in trouble.

Acting as a instigator, Baldwin recalls telling one of the pugilists, “Yeah. I would lean into one guy and I would say, ‘He just told me that he thinks you’re a p****’. “

Ripa laughed nervously before quickly moving on to another subject.

Here’s the video. [Warning: Contains a dirty word.]


Posted by:David Eckstein