hilaria and alec baldwin red carpet 325 gi Alec Baldwin to witness Hilaria Thomas birth, gives Ireland Baldwin advice on showbiz

Unlike Kanye West for his first baby with Kim KardashianAlec Baldwin plans to be in the delivery room when his second child arrives — though there have been more definitive statements from expectant fathers.
“Right now I suppose I will be,” he says. “That’s the plan. In the modern world, the man who doesn’t is instantly a lowlife.”
“I was there for my first child,” he says of daughter, Ireland, 17, whom he had with first wife, Kim Basinger.
Hilaria Thomas, whom Alec married last June, is due this summer with their child. Baldwin says his top priority now is keeping her happy and reassured.
“Right now it’s just whatever I can do to get my wife to relax,” he says. “She is a young woman. I give foot rubs. I say, ‘You are doing great’. “
With his daughter, and niece, Hailey (brother Stephen Baldwin’s daughter) in the public eye, Baldwin considers what advice he gives them and whether there is a Baldwin dynasty.
ireland baldwin red carpet 325 gi Alec Baldwin to witness Hilaria Thomas birth, gives Ireland Baldwin advice on showbiz
“Dynasty pertains to people more enshrined, like the Barrymores,” he says. “To Hailey and Ireland, it is more to deal with the Baldwin Condition.”
“I tell my daughter, one of the things I loved about ‘Orphans’  even though it was enervating and frustrating experience,” he continues, referring to the Broadway play he was in this season, is “there was a scene where I say, ‘Every young man’s shoulders need an encouraging squeeze now and then — especially when you are young.’ That makes you think there is hope.”
“My daughter is beautiful,” Baldwin says. “She is privileged. What I want her to focus on is — she is funny and talented and to have a chance, to have a lot of possibilities in this business. This business is tougher now. If I came into the business now I would never make it.”
Baldwin has abandoned any political aspirations he once harbored. “My goal is to find a way to make a living outside of the public eye,” he says.
But after all those years of being on TV, in films and on stage, does he actually need to make a living? “No,” says Alec. “But I want to be outside of the public eye and dedicate myself to something. No offense, but I don’t enjoy this (he refers to the interview). I want privacy.”
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