genevieve-sabourin-alec-baldwin-stalkerAlec Baldwin‘s alleged stalker is finally speaking out. Genevieve Sabourin, a Canadian actress who met Baldwin on a movie set in 2002. According to court documents, Sabourin is accused of showing up at “30 Rock” star Baldwin’s house three times in the last several weeks and sending 12 emails.

Sabourin says that she’s worried about her safety now that the charges have put her in the public eye. She spoke via phone to Canadian wire service QMI Agency, saying that she feels “like a fugitive. Like a hunted animal,” comparing herself to the late Princess Diana.

According to court documents, Sabourin has referred to herself as “Genevieve Baldwin” and said “Say ‘I do’ to me.” She’s recently started a Twitter account showing pictures of herself with her dog. It says, “Alec Baldwin, no comment about him or the case Simply but truly
introducing myself: Genevieve Sabourin actress and my little puppy

She is tweeting about the paparazzi though. “My pore [sic] mother will turn 67years old saturday + I can’t go out there,
shopping 4her bday gift. I don’t even know if I will be with her then?” Check out the full report below.

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