Alec-Baldwin-Captain-Steve-Rodgers-SNL-cropped.jpgAlec Baldwin made an surprise appearance on “Saturday Night Live,” as Captain Steve Rogers, an American Airlines pilot. He apologized to himself for kicking him off a flight for refusing to stop playing “Words With Friends.”

Despite the very funny host Katy Perry and the crazy hair cut and insane platform shoes of the musical guest Robyn, Baldwin’s spoof was all anyone was talking about after the show. “Anyone” included a real American Airlines pilot, who was none too pleased by the joke.

MSNBC spoke to Steve Roach who said, “I was disappointed that it was making light of something that’s fairly
serious and also was poking fun at a group of employees that are very
proud and a historic airline who are going through a tough period right

Well, it’s true that this is a rough time for the airline industry and Baldwin should have shut off his phone, no matter how much he hearts “Words With Friends,” but when we’re charged for every ounce of our luggage and stuck on over-packed planes with a surly flight crew, we can kind of understand why this is funny. Check out the skit below and let us know what you think.

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