alex and sierra simon cowell x factor winners Alex and Sierra won every week of 'The X Factor' Season 3It probably wasn’t very much of a surprise to the producers of “The X Factor” that Florida duo Alex and Sierra won Season 3, considering they’d gotten the most votes every single week.

Simon Cowell
didn’t find out until after his group’s victory that they’d dominated the competition, but he was relieved they’d managed to win. “The gap was closing,” Cowell told Zap2it backstage after the big win. “I was told that tonight by one of the producers because I was dying to know, and they kept that away from us. In a way I’m kind of glad that we didn’t know. It made you fight harder.”

Of course, Alex and Sierra would have been successful no matter where they finished. “They knew they were going to get a record deal; they aren’t stupid. You don’t get to No. 1 on iTunes two weeks in a row and not get a record contract,” he says. “But what I realized today was how important it was to them to win. They really wanted to win. And it was right for the show. … And like I said in the past about these two, apart from being incredibly talented, they’re great people and I wanted it for them.”

Although Cowell has said he will be making some major changes should “The X Factor” return for Season 4, there’s one thing he doesn’t want to change. “The contestants really defined the show,” he says. “It’s an obvious thing to say but Alex and Sierra defined the series this year. Without them, it wouldn’t have been as good. And that’s really the most important thing, how are you going to attract the next generation of stars on TV to be on your show as opposed to other peoples’ shows? So now I have to prove a point — that winning ‘X Factor’ is more important than winning another show.”

Alex and Sierra tell Zap2it they’re moving to Los Angeles in the new year to record their album, so you won’t have to wait too long to find out if their success on the show will translate to real-life record sales.

Posted by:Jean Bentley