alex pettyfer golden globes Alex Pettyfer joins Channing Tatum for 'Magic Mike' stripper film: Ladies, rejoice.We were more than a little excited to report that Channing Tatum will be dropping trou (or at least, we assume he will be) for his role in “Magic Mike.” The film will be based on his own personal experiences as a male stripper before making it big in Hollywood.

]]>Alex Pettyfer has signed on to play the young mentee to Tatum’s mentor in the film — aka the character based on Tatum’s real life. We may not agree with some of Pettyfer’s personal beliefs (Hello, that crotch tattoo is repulsive) but he sure is pretty to look at. The film will be directed by almost retired director Steven Soderbergh, who has said: “It’s sexy, funny and shocking. We’re using ‘Saturday Night Fever’ as our model, so hopefully we’re on the right track.” We. Can’t. Wait.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci