Alex Rodriguez finally responded to his wife Cynthia’s legal divorce papers.

Four weeks after Cynthia Rodriguez filed her divorce request, the Yankees star player has warmed up and stepped up to bat.

According to People,  his legal response — to be filed today — admits the marriage is "irretrievably broken."

It also mentions that Florida is a "no-fault state,"  brings up her prenup (he says Cynthia voluntarily signed it a month before the 2002 wedding) and decries any mention of alleged “extramarital affairs and other marital misconduct."

While the Rodsters prepare for a court battle, Madonna and Guy Ritchie are attending cabala services and getting couples’ spiritual counseling, which sounds like a much less expensive endeavor.

C-Rod wants their $12-million Coral Gables home, the two daughters and a cut of his earnings during the marriage.

A-Rod seeks shared custody and parental responsibility for the children’s "wealth, health, education and religious upbringing." No mention of cabala, but, one has to wonder, since he and Madonna bonded over his interest in the spiritual teachings.

A-Rod acknowledges he should pay child support and asks the court to determine a fair amount.

What do you think? Should the prenup hold since his vows did not? Is Cynthia in the right to get her share of his earnings? Or she just using the Madonna publicity to finally take him to the proverbial cleaners?

I get the feeling that this divorce is not going to be a quickie and the only people getting rich will be this couple’s lawyers.

Photo: Alex, Cynthia and  their daughter Natasha during happier times. Credit: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead