alexander lebedev jun 2009 gi Alexander Lebedev throws a billionaire punch on Russian TVKnow what’s missing from American talk shows? That element of physicality. Imagine if one day Joy Behar just had about enough of Elisabeth Hasselbeck and let one fly.

During a political panel discussion of the current global financial crisis airing Sunday (Sept. 18) night on Russia’s NTV, billionaire Alexander Lebedev did just that when he decided he had had about enough of property developer Sergei Polonsky. At one point Polonsky says that he has felt in the past like “bashing [Lebedev] in the face.”

He may feel that way, but Lebedev decided to actually do it, sending Polonsky tumbling backwards from his chair with a sucker punch.

“Unfortunately, NTV viewers cannot see how Polonsky behaved during the one-and-a-half hour recording. Everybody could see that he was absolutely off his head,” Lebedev writes on his blog.

Posted by:Brill Bundy