alexander mcqueen joyce Alexander McQueen's final tweets reveal heartbreak over mum's deathFashion industry insiders and friends say that  designer Alexander McQueen, 40, was devastated when his mother, Joyce, died on Feb. 2. 
Messages on his Twitter feed in recent days — now removed — hinted at his mental state.

]]>The day after her death, he posted an emotional message: “I’m letting my followers know my mother passed away yesterday if it she had not me nor would you RIP mumxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…”

Five days ago, he tweeted: “Been a fu***ing awful week but my friends have been great but now i have to some how pull myself together and finish with the …HELLS ANGELS & PROLIFiIC DEAMONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
However, a tweet from Feb 1 indicates he may have been depressed for much longer. “From heaven to hell and back again, life is a funny thing. beauty can come from the most strangest of places even the most disgusting places.” His profile was removed from the site after his death.
In a 2004 Guardian interview between Joyce McQueen and her son, she asked him: “What is your most terrifying fear?”  
McQueen replied “dying before you.” “Thank you son,” said Joyce. “What makes you proud?” 
He replied: “You.”
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