tlg emma ethan Alexandra Chando on 'The Lying Game' finale: Ethan and Emma fans will be 'really, really happy'“Lying Game fans, tonight’s the big night!

Twins Emma and Sutton will finally confront each other after a very twisted summer. Meanwhile, Emma and Ethan’s roller-coaster romance will be thrown for a loop when someone makes a surprising confession.

We spoke with series star Alexandra Chando to get the dish on the twins’ first face-to-face meeting since the pilot, plus what’s in store for Ethan when both girls are back in the picture.

Zap2it: Congratulations on the rest of the season getting picked up! When do you go back to work?

Chando: I fly back to Austin October 23rd, and we start production on the 26th. Very soon.

Zap2it: In this week’s mid-season finale, you get to play Emma and Sutton together again. Is there anything you do differently when it comes to preparing for scenes as one twin versus the other?

Chando: I think at this point, because I know the characters so well, it comes a lot easier for me.  It’s just little things. Sutton carries herself with a very solid stance; she’s just got incredible posture. Little technical things like that help me to dial in to the character. I think more about Sutton than I do about Emma because Emma is more like me, so it comes a little more naturally. With Sutton I sit down and think about exactly how I’m going to move to make it feel like Sutton. She talks a little differently and carries herself differently.

Zap2it: Is Sutton more fun to play because she’s less like you?

Chando: They’re both fun, but I will tell you, when we were shooting the finale, I had so much fun playing Sutton. It’s fun to play the brat, the bitchy girl. During the finale it was a ton of fun. Emma has good scenes, too, that allow me to tap into the more emotional side, which is just as challenging for me, if not more so.

Zap2it: Is there any chance for a reconciliation or are things just going to get more heated?

Chando: Things definitely get more heated between them in the finale. Sutton is back with a vengeance. There’s no more video chatting; they will definitely be interacting in the same room. There’s some green screen work that we were doing, so it’s pretty cool.

Zap2it: This season most of their interactions were on the phone or online, so you rarely had to shoot scenes opposite yourself. Do you hope to see more scenes with both of them in the next part of the season?

Chando: It’s certainly a challenge, but it’s so fun to be able to do both. I was fortunate enough [that] they brought in a girl who played Emma while I was Sutton and vice-versa, and she really helped me in that I had somebody to kind of act off of. We won’t see her performance, but it was nice to do that instead of just acting with an X on the wall, which tends to be challenging. It’s tough, but I love it. It’s fun. It’s just very time-consuming; it makes the days very long.

Zap2it: Is there any scene or moment from the first season that stands out to you as a favorite?

Chando: I have a lot of favorite scenes in the finale, actually, one of which is the scene with Emma and Sutton in the same room. There’s a lot of good stuff with Ethan in the finale, as well, and I always say that the second episode, the dancing in the field, that was fun — learning to dance. In the finale there are some key scenes that are my favorite, though. I’m not allowed to tell you which ones, yet!

Zap2it: In last week’s episode, Ethan and Emma got pretty serious when he told her he’d go with her if she left. With Sutton on her way back to Phoenix, do we need to worry about his relationship with Sutton? Was there anything real between them?

Chando: I think there was, but I don’t think there is anymore. I think Ethan is now privy to Sutton and her behavior and who she really is. She showed her true colors, and Ethan’s not a fool, he knows better, I think. Seeing Emma and getting to know her, that’s where his solid feelings lie.

Zap2it: What can you tease about Ethan’s and Emma’s relationship in this finale? Are they going to skip town together?

Chando: Ethan and Emma have been on this roller coaster. They’ve been fighting and then not fighting and then fighting. That continues in the finale, especially when Sutton gets back, and reality kind of hits them. It becomes real for them. I think there’s some resistance there on Emma’s part, for sure, but there are definitely some things are revealed between the two of them in the finale that I think will make the fans really, really happy. At least, I hope so.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie