Alexis Wright prostitution scandal: Addresses, ages of men involved revealed

Following the release of the names of 21 of the people involved in the Alexis Wright Maine prostitution scandal, a judge has granted a request for additional information about the people involved to be revealed.

The initial list only included the names of those who had solicited sex from the Zumba instructor and prostitute, which lead to some confusion when innocent members of the Kennebunk, Me. community were mistaken for those who were actually being called into court. On Tuesday, Superior Court Justice Thomas Warren agreed to release the addresses and ages of the names in question along with some additional information after receiving a request from the Portland Press Herald, the Associated Press reports.

We now know that former South Portland Mayor James Soule had purchased sexual activities from Wright, as well as a lawyer and real estate appraiser. The ages of the men on the list range from age 34 to 65.

The first batch of “The List” was released by the Kennebunk Police Department on Monday (Oct. 15). They intend to continue releasing groups of names every other week until the end of the year as those being called into court are issued summonses. That means the next section of the list will be released on Oct. 26.

Wright set off a scandal when the 29-year-old pleaded not guilty to 106 counts of prostitution. Police had found she had recorded over 100 hours of her having sex with various clients in her Maine Zumba studio, and determined she had made $150,000 from her sexual activities over the course of 18 months. Her business partner, Mark Strong Sr., 57, pleaded not guilty to 59 counts of prostitution.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz