Alexis Wright's prostitution clients named on new list released by police

The names of 21 of the people accused of purchasing sex from Zumba instructor Alexis Wright have been released, and “The List” is hitting the town of Kennebunk, Me. hard.

Police released a partial list of those accused of hiring Wright, CNN reports. The 29-year-old had been operating a prostitution ring out of her Maine Zumba studio along with her partner, 57-year-old Mark Strong Sr. In addition to having sex with clients, Wright also recorded them and had more than 100 hours of footage and 14,000 screenshots of her trysts that police later confiscated.

On Monday, Superior Court Justice Thomas D. Warren determined that the identities of those involved in the case would be made public. However, the list does not include any of the ages and addresses of those who were named.

“The principle that court proceedings are public is essential to public confidence. If persons charged with crimes could withhold their identities, the public would not be able to monitor proceedings to observe whether justice has been done and to observe whether certain defendants may have received favored treatment,” Warren writes in his decision.

Kennebunk is a town best known for it tourism, and this whole scandal — which has been going on since Strong was arrested in July — is drawing plenty of negative light to the community.

“I’m tired of it, honestly,” resident Tina Palanka tells WGME. “I’m really tired of it. There’s got to be more to Kennebunk than this. This is not a good legacy.”

According to Strong’s lawyer Dan Lilley, the full list includes 150 names. They all will be made public at a later date. Lilly claims that the list includes lawyers, accountants and a local television personality.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz