ALF-movie-pics-kitty.jpgClassic ’80s sitcom star ALF is a puppet no more. The furry alien life form known for his sarcastic sense of humor and an appetite for cats is coming to a theater near you — but now in CGI form, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Sony Pictures Animation has acquired the rights to the show “ALF” and plans to develop it into a hybrid CG/live action film. Jordan Kerner, who produced produced SPA’s “The Smurfs” movie, will produce the flick with original show creators Tom Patchett and puppeteer Paul Fusco.  

The show, which aired from 1986-1990, centered on ALF — whose name was later revealed to be Gordon Shumway — who crash landed on Earth and moved in with the Tanner family. Fusco provided ALF’s voice on the show and is expected to do the same for the movie.

Would you go see an “ALF” movie? Do you think it’ll be the same having ALF as a computer-generated image rather than a puppet?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper