Ali Larter doesn’t want to use a professional hairstylist’s super powers.  She’ll be doing her own hair for the Emmys.

In a press release, the "Heroes" star said: "There’s a lot of work that goes into Hollywood hair and I want women to know that it is unrealistic for every day. I am going to go out on a limb by doing my own hair for the Emmys without any stylists. I am going to use Dove hair care products for five days, get my hair in great shape, and I am going to rock the red carpet. I am doing all of this to help women realize the potential of their own hair and feel more confident every day."

Wow. In the Celebrity Endorsement Universe, the girl’s got unparalleled super powers. She also palled around with Crest White Strips a few years back. What’s next? A self-tanner for the Globes? Katherine_2

Let me go on record against bringing in an army of hairstylists. We’ve all seen where that can lead. I’d still like to know who’s responsible for turning Katherine Heigl’s  gorgeous long blonde hair into a stiff lacquered Great Gatsby ‘do at the 2006 Emmys.

But Ali, listen to reason. It’s the flipping Emmys. It’s a big night — and a long night — for you! And it’s gonna be blisteringly hot on that red carpet, causing hair to fall flat in no time. So at least get a professional blow-dry. Every woman will understand the need for that level of basic hair help.

To see some of Ali’s not-so-successful self-done hairdos, keep reading…


Read my lips: BLOW DRY!

Photo credits: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead