ali fedotowsky roberto martinez getty Ali Fedotowsky 'really upset' over Roberto Martinez split, avoiding spotlightFormer “Bachelorette” Ali Fedotowsky and her season’s winner, Roberto Martinez, were counted among the show’s victories… until now. The couple confirmed their breakup when a rep said, “Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez have ended their relationship. As
they go through this difficult time, we ask that you respect the
couple’s privacy.”

As tends to happen in these cases, an unnamed “friend” has decided to speak to the press about the details. Luckily for Ali and Roberto, there’s nothing too sordid here.

“She’s actually really upset right now,” the “friend” tells Us. “She’s going to be laying low for a while. They haven’t been well for a long time. They’re either extremely happy or they can’t stand each other.”

Word is, Fedotowsky has moved out of the home they shared in San Diego. Looks like it’s a good thing the couple postponed their wedding plans due to a kickboxing injury and work scheduling issues — the only thing worse than a public break-up is a public divorce.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie