alice cooper Alice Cooper performing an entire concert as a hologramYes, you read that headline right. Alice Cooper will be performing an entire concert as a hologram.

Cooper is celebrating the release of their Old School: 1964-1974″ box set with the first holographic 4D concert called “Jagermeister Ice Cold Event” in London, Spinner reports. The event will take place on May 11, at Battersea Power Station.

“We couldn’t resist this,” Cooper says on the band’s website. “Working with Jagermeister to appear as holograms on the other side of the Atlantic is the ultimate experience, a cutting-edge conjuring trick that celebrates the future and our history. We can’t wait to see the results.”

The concert will the the first time the band has appeared live together in the UK since 1972. This isn’t the first time Cooper is breaking a record in holographic form. Salvadore Dali turned Cooper’s likeness into a 3D holographic sculpture —  the world’s first — in 1973.

800 tickets are available for the show, but are only available to UK fans.

Posted by:tbricker