Tim Burton tried to stop a reporter from badgering Johnny Depp for details about his amazing “fuderwhack” happy dance in “Alice in Wonderland.”

“He’s injured himself. He cannot do it today,” Burton warned, crediting the dance to “smoke and mirrors.” 
“You wouldn’t question Fred Astaire like this, would you,” he joked with a reporter at the Saturday (Feb 20) junket. “He likes to keep his fuderwhacking private, As we all do.”

]]>But Tim and Johnny did reveal their children’s favorite film, directed and/or starring daddy. 

“My children’s favorite — they have a difficult time watching it, because it’s their dad, is “Edward Scissorhands.”  They connect with the character, they see something… their dad feeling that isolation and, you know, loneliness… he’s a tragic character.. they bawl.”
“My kids don’t like my movies,” says Tim, before explaining that they’re still too young. “Since I don’t really  know what I do and i can’t really describe what I do, my son doesn’t really know what I do and so, whatever….”