aliens colonial forces gearbox 'Aliens' sequel released as a video game instead of a movie

The movie “Aliens,” the second film written and directed by James Cameron, came to theaters in 1986. Nearly 27 years later, a true sequel has finally been released. You can’t run down to the theater to see this new adventure, instead you need to go to your local video game store to pick up a copy.
“Aliens: Colonial Marines,” is a video game continuation of the movie “Aliens.” According to NBC News, the company behind the game, Gearbox Software, calls it the “true sequel” to the film. Likewise, the studio responsible for the movie, 20th Century Fox, considers the game canon in the “Aliens” universe.
This isn’t you’re run of the mill movie tie-in game, though. Gearbox Design Director John Mulkey says, “Everybody at Gearbox wanted to do something in the Aliens universe, but we didn’t want to just kind of play around in it,” adding, “We wanted to do something really meaningful.” For a company currently riding high on the success of the “Borderlands” series, that’s reassuring.
The company put time into recreating the movies details,, down to little things like knife marks in a table in the mess hall, to create a true extension of the story. In the game, you are a member of a team sent to look for Ellen Ripley, played in the movie by Sigourney Weaver, and her team. You battle your way through familiar movie settings, trying to figure out the mystery of their disappearance.

It also sets out to provide a link between “Aliens,” and the heavily disliked “Aliens 3.” Does the game work on the levels Gearbox hopes it will? That’s up to the player. “Aliens: Colonial Marines” is available on XBox 360 and Playstation 3. It’ll be out in March for the Wii U.
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