Alison Brie, an actress currently appearing on both “Community” and “Mad Men,” is very popular on the Internet. Her acting ubiquity, humor, looks and downright sexiness make her a staple of oh-so-many websites.

Now, we have two more reasons to love Brie: In an interview for the web series “Speakeasy with Paul F. Tompkins,” the actress wins the Internet forever. Not much on the web is better than Brie’s un-sexy GIF poses and her imitation of popular memes.
Both bits are part of a longer interview with “Speakeasy” host Tompkins. For the un-sexy GIFs, host and guest acknowledge that there are a whole lot of “sexy” Alison Brie GIFs out there. They want to combat this with a series of un-sexy GIFS. Thus, we have Brie acting brief scenes like “try on a tiny sombrero” and “asking advice of a shrunken witch head.”

Unfortunately, it’s really hard for Brie to not be sexy. And there are plenty of weird people out there who will surely dirty this up. At least they tried!

Brie does have a little more success in the other segment, in which she imitates memes. Her “Grumpy Cat,” in particular, is amazing.

We will just assume that Alison Brie did not sustain any damage from her jumping photo and will therefore continue to entertain us in drama, comedy and the web.

Posted by:Laurel Brown