alison brie returning season 6 community gi Alison Brie is returning 'Community' for Season 6

Don’t worry, everyone — the recent rumors that Alison Brie isn’t returning to Season 6 of “Community” are false. Yahoo — the new home for the community-college comedy — confirmed to Splitsider that Brie will in fact be returning to the series. 

Although some fans were concerned that Brie might be ending her career with the show due to a lack of pro-“Community” tweets from the actress and no official confirmation that she would return, the hashtag #SixSeasonsAndAnAnnie is no longer needed. Still don’t believe us? Creator Dan Harmon revealed via Twitter that Brie is most definitely returning to the show.

Now we can finally let out a gigantic sigh of relief.
Posted by:Casey Rackham