justin bieber punkd 'All Around the World': Justin Bieber fans refuse to listen to leaked songNever doubt for a moment that Beliebers — Justin Bieber’s millions-strong fan army — are not only loyal, but protective of their no. 1 man. On Friday (May 25), Bieber’s fans thronged to Twitter — not to discuss whether or not he’s still dating Selena Gomez — but to blast anyone who dared listen to “All Around the World” — an upcoming single that was apparently leaked online.

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The track, on which the Biebs collaborates with Ludacris, is set for an official June 19 release but, as these things are wont to do, it somehow found its way to the net. In various forums, fans blamed everyone from Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, to a treacherous Belieber.

“@scooterbraun Many beliebers are refusing to listen to All Around The World until Believe comes out. Remember that. Some of us really care,” tweets one.

While another used the leak as an opportunity to remind fans that Beliebers are not only legion but, like, as powerful as the CIA.

“Whoever leaked All Around The World, Beliebers have been known to find people’s details including address and telephone number. BE SCARED,” tweets the appropriately-named @BieberCrazyness.

This fan, though, has a take that is probably a little closer to reality:

“But don’t say someone is a fake Belieber just because they listened to the leaked songs. Sometimes you’re just tempted to,” tweets @CantbeliebIt.

Out of respect to Beliebers we won’t embed the track here. If you want to find it, it isn’t hard.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson