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Huntington Beach, outside of Los Angeles, was the site of a surprising riot on Sunday (July 28). In the aftermath of this, “All In with Chris Hayes” called on “moderate whites” to openly condemn the violent factions of “White Culture.”

Of course this was a satirical video. The point, however, was to highlight how the news usually treats violence when non-white actors are involved. It’s both thoroughly entertaining and a pointed look at the media’s standard take on a controversial issue.

The video begins with host Chris Hayes talking about “white on white violence” while images from Huntington Beach — showing surfer and frat-boy types wreaking havoc after the US Open of Surfing — play. Hayes then welcomes his guest, Gawker editor Cord Jefferson, who recently wrote an article on this very issue.

Hayes and Jefferson engage in a debate that — while terribly satirical and often amusing — sadly mirrors many of the conversations seen on cable news. Viewers even get to watch Jefferson, a self-described “person of color,” talk about having white friends and even a white prom date! “She was actually very white. She used to ride horses and stuff like that,” Jefferson explained.

In case anyone wasn’t in on the joke from the get-go, Chris Hayes finished the segment by pointing out what was meant by this exercise:

“If you watched that segment and thought ‘That’s an absolutely ridiculous premise and an absolutely terrible way to talk about millions of people who share nothing, nothing except their general, broad pigmentation,” you are correct. And remember that the next time you hear those same arguments but with a different word in place of the word, ‘white.'”

It’s almost sad to realize that the humor of all this stems directly from an unfortunate truth about the media today.

Posted by:Laurel Brown