cameron-mathison-amc-320.jpgAll My Children star Cameron Mathison (Ryan Lavery) has mad love for the man behind soap opera icon, Adam Chandler. 

“I’m like an enormous fan of David Canary,” Mathison tells Korbi TV. “Not only his work on TV [but] the man he is off-camera [as well]… He’s brought such an enormous amount to the show that we should be eternally grateful.” 

Cameron, however, supports Canary’s decision to retire and really enjoy his life. Still, he says, it’s his understanding that “All My Children” will welcome Adam Chandler back to Pine Valley whenever Canary wants to make the cross-country trip to Los Angeles, where the series now shoots.
“Fans, just know, he could be back,” Mathison explains. “To beat up Ryan again. By the way, he could totally beat up Ryan. He is so rock solid in shape. The man swims five days a week and he could kick– I’ll let you fill in the blanks…In fact, I might request it.”
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Photo credit: ABC

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh