The meme that just won’t die has hit the daytime soap-opera world. In the latest of oh-so-many videos, the cast of “All My Children” does the Harlem Shake to help promote the beloved series’ return this spring.

To their credit, these folks really know how to make it entertaining.

If, by some miracle, you have not yet seen a Harlem Shake video, you might want to educate yourself a little before watching this one. To that end, we have “The Simpsons” and “Happy Endings,” a bunch of people on an airplane, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, and the “Sports Illustrated” Swimsuit Models.

Did you watch all of those? It’s probably OK if you did not. Most of them are awfully similar.

What’s the big occasion that inspired the “All My Children” cast and crew to join in the weird dance trend? Mostly, they are celebrating the return of this soap opera on Prospect Park’s The Online Network. 30 minute episodes of “All My Children” will be made available online for fans to watch each day. The Online Network newsletter ** has all of the details you’ll need as the premiere approaches.

Until then, watch your soapy favorites dance in silly masks. It’s not quite the same, but it may be enough for now.

Posted by:Laurel Brown