all my children cameron mathison 'All My Children' online plans delayed

Fans eagerly awaiting “All My Children’s” return in January (albeit in online form) should probably stop holding their breath — new reports say that the beloved-but-canceled soap will likely not return until much later in 2012.
According to Variety, Prospect Park, the company that plans to resurrect “AMC” and fellow canceled soap “One Life to Live,” which ends its 43-year run in January, has hit a wall in negotiations to bring both shows online and plans will need to be pushed back by several months.
While many “OLTL” stars have signed on to continue the show online, including Erika Slezak, Michael Easton, Ted King, Kassie DePaiva and Sean Ringgold, “AMC” actors haven’t been as receptive. Only Cameron Mathison and Lindsey Hartley are officially in, with Susan Lucci declining the offer outright.
Prospect Park plans to launch a destination called The Online Network (TOLN), which will air both soaps along with complimentary entertainment and lifestyle programming, 
ABC replaced “AMC” after its Sept. 23 finale with the food talk show “The Chew,” while “OLTL” will end in January and be replaced by a health and lifestyle show, “The Revolution.”
Posted by:Jean Bentley