“All My Children” fans wondering what the long-running soap will look like when it moves online at the end of this month now have an answer… sort of. The Online Network has released a two and a half minute teaser trailer to hype the show’s relaunch on April 29.

The trailer is heavy on outdoor scenes and spotlights most of the returning cast while introducing new faces and hinting at what might have happened to those who won’t be back. Whose hand is Dixie holding in that hospital room? (Could it be Tad?) And who exactly are David and Bianca mourning? (They’ve got to explain Erica Kane’s absence somehow, right?)

“All My Children” makes its online debut April 29 and brand new 30-minute installments will be made available each weekday for free ad-sponsored viewing via iTunes, Hulu and Hulu Plus.

What do you say “All My Children” fans? Do you think the online episodes will do the show’s legacy justice? And are you planning to watch?

Posted by:gberkshire