all my children 2013 cast photo online network 'All My Children': Pine Valley gets a makeover and Opal gets a house

After being booted from ABC Daytime in favor of food-based talk show, “The Chew” in 2011, “All My Children” has found a home online. The soap will make its triumphant return April 29 at The Online Network, which streams for free on Hulu, Hulu Plus, and iTunes.
Not only did the soap find a new home base at Prospect Park’s The Online Network, but it also got an entirely new Pine Valley set. As production changed hands, new sets had to be built and a highlight of the new ‘hood is a house for Jill Larson‘s character, Opal. 
“In a soap opera, when you have your own house, it’s a big deal,” says Larson. “I’m just so thrilled to have this beautiful set, and have this beautiful home. It’s so exciting for Opal to have a home again; she hasn’t had one for a long time.”
The scenic designer built Opal’s house to appear “over the top” to match her “larger than life” personality. Much of Pine Valley will seem recognizable to viewers, with some modernization to bring it up to date. But some of the sets were built completely from scratch. 
Many of the newly built sets are pulling double duty for “AMC” and “One Life to Live.” With “OLTL” also being revived by Prospect park, walls were built on wheels so the two shows could share an 18,000 square foot soundstage. Take a peek at the new Pine Valley in the preview video below.

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