susan lucci hot in cleveland 'All My Children': Susan Lucci seems optimistic about series' future

“All My Children” fans feeling a little anxious after recent reports that the soap is on borrowed time might want to listen to Susan Lucci.

The 40-plus-year veteran of the ABC daytime series stopped by “Good Morning America” to promote her new book, “All My Life,” and took the opportunity to address reports of “AMC’s” looming cancellation.

“We’ll see,” she says. “As long as we have these loyal, passionate fans in our corner — including Oprah [Winfrey], who had us on just a few weeks ago for her final season.”

Oprah may have a lot of pull in this world, but she’s not that powerful. Fortunately, Lucci also cites two more things working in her series favor.”The fact that the network moved us from New York to our brand new digs in LA was a big financial vote of confidence,” she says. “And we just received a letter from the vice president in charge of finance congratulating us on what great shape we’re in.”

Still, we can’t help but notice that the normally bubbly Lucci gets a little somber when talk turns to the uncertain state of her job — which seems more disconcerting than reassuring.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell