david canary amc 320 'All My Children's' Michael E. Knight on David Canary's departure: 'That's a huge hit for us'Early this year, All My Children suffered a major loss with the passing of James Mitchell who played Palmer Courtlandt on the ABC soap opera for more than 30 years and this week, the series will lose another giant with the departure of David Canary.

Canary, better known to us as Adam Chandler, has been on the show for 27 years and, in many ways, is “All My Children.” The actor bids the show adieu (for now at least) on Friday’s April 23 farewell episode. 
Korbi TV stopped by the new Los Angeles set of “AMC” and spoke to Michael E. Knight (Tad Martin) about Canary’s decision to retire.
“That’s a huge hit for us,” Knight says of David whom he shared a dressing room with when they were both newbies back in the early 80s.

“I’ve always been very proud to work with him… You know, everybody sort of has issues, like if you told me that I was going to be on ‘All My Children’ 28 years, I would’ve told you you were smoking crack. But I always looked at David, he’s sort of a role model, he’s probably the best actor I’ve ever worked with, flat out,” Knight tells Korbi TV. “And I kind of looked at him when I was going through some stuff in my own life and I said, if that guy can show up and be that kind of man, then I’m proud to do what I do. I’m proud we are as successful as we are. And it’s a big hit [losing David]. Everybody’s kind of holding our breath. You know, [it’s] Adam Chandler.”

Watch the video for more from Knight on Tad’s love life, his kids, why the Chandler Parlour is far better than the Martin living room and what he hopes to see happen between Adam and Tad before David leaves…

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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh