susan lucci gi 'All My Children's' Susan Lucci on the show's final taping: 'Several cliffhangers'“All My Children” is done. Though the final episode on ABC won’t air for three more weeks, the long-running soap opera taped its final scenes on Tuesday (Aug. 30).

But in true soap fashion, it won’t end with everything wrapped up in a tidy package, according to series star Susan Lucci.

“I think it’s spectacular,” Lucci tells TV Guide. “To me, knowing how [creator Agnes Nixon] writes, it was not shocking that she would do that. Like any great novel, when you put it down you say, ‘Well, then what?’ I knew she wouldn’t tie it up in a neat bow, and she really didn’t. There are several cliffhangers.”

As you might expect, the final day of shooting was an emotional one for the cast and crew. “I had to rein my emotions back in because I had to work,” Lucci says. “But the setting was spectacular. Perfect for the last day of shooting.”

Lucci also tells TV Guide she’s “in conversations” with Prospect Park, the company that bought the rights to “AMC” and fellow soon-to-end ABC soap “One Life to Live” to continue them as web series. She’s hoping a deal can be struck.

“My heart is there,” she says. “I think it’s a very, very exciting possibility.”

The final “All My Children” on ABC airs Friday, Sept. 23. 

Posted by:Rick Porter