When we originally spoke to ELLE magazine’s creative director, Joe Zee, about his new series on the Sundance Channel, “All on the Line,” he insisted that it would portray real fashion at work.
The premiere episode featured the husband and wife team of Andrei and Liquica Anggraini and their clothing brand, Radenroro. After helping the designers revamp their collection to make it more marketable, identify their customers, and improve Liquica’s confidence as the face of the brand, Nordstrom picked up the collection in six stores. Success!
“All these things that you see [on TV] about fashion, you never see translated into real life,” Zee tells Zap2it at the brand’s Los Angeles presentation. “This was always a mandate for all of us, that this had to be about real people, real business, real life. And now look at this. This can’t get more real and that’s what’s so great.”
Of course, all this success has to be both amazing and crazy for the designers behind Radenroro. “It’s as if you went from toddler to adult without ever being a teenager,” Andrei says of their recent accomplishments. “We sort of leapfrogged.”

“And that’s been a wild ride for sure,” he adds.
To check out the Radenroro collection, visit the Nordstrom website.

“All on the Line” airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on Sundance Channel.
Posted by:Jethro Nededog