“All-Star Celebrity Apprentice” is bringing together the cast members you love and hate. Chief among that love-hate list is Gary Busey, who seems to be up to his usual confusing business.

“What you do when you’re on ‘Celebrity Apprentice,'” Busey explains, “you pray for the best, you prepare for the worst, and you expect the unexpected.” In Season 11, Busey was eliminated after Task 7, but raised $40,000 for his charity of choice, The Center for Head Injury Services.

The “Piranha 3-D” actor and all-around awe-inspiring person to watch says when casting started for the “All-Stars” season, he was Donald Trump’s first choice. “We need Busey,” Gary claims The Donald said.

Part of Busey’s strategy in the new season includes starting every conversation with a compliment. “When it comes to me,” Busey says, “with my improv ability, and my spontaneity, and my truth and my heart, and my feelings for others will carry the weight of my presentation of myself in the tasks that are to be made.” Huh … ?

He also gives himself a little piece of advice. “Don’t take anything personally, don’t take anything as a confrontation, don’t get in your own way,” says Busey. “Just relax. Release and let go. Ah …” OK.

Gary faces some stiff competition this time around, including Season 9 winner Bret Michaels and Season 1 villainess Omarosa Manigault. But Busey’s apparently not worried. “There’s no competition in art and this is art,” he says. “The only person I have to compete with is myself. And I stopped that, because I refuse to get in my own way.”

So, though Trump seemingly beckoned Busey from on high, it’s somewhat unclear — at least to us if not to Busey himself — what exactly he’s doing on the show.

Tune in to NBC Sunday night (March 3) to find out. Let the Busey watching begin.

Posted by:mchance