On Sunday’s (March 17) episode of “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice,” La Toya Jackson and Stephen Baldwin were project managers as each team put on a live soap opera to promote Crystal Light Liquid. La Toya’s team failed to impress the brand executives, so Stephen’s team won $50,000 for Carol Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund.
La Toya’s teammate Omarosa Manigault came under fire in the boardroom by the entire rest of the crew for not actually participating in the challenge. She explains to Arsenio Hall, who is filling in for Piers Morgan, that she had to go handle a situation with the media airing a 911 call from her late fiance, Michael Clarke Duncan. Omarosa shed a lot of tears — oddly, they were invisible tears, despite all her dramatic sobbing — as she explains (again and again … and again), “I will never choose a soap opera over Michael.”
Meanwhile, Brande Roderick and Claudia Jordan have a side convo, encouraging each other to throw Omarosa under the bus and ask, “Is it too soon for you to be here?” Rowr. The claws continue to come out as Donald Trump puts the team on the hot seat and Omarosa takes turns trying to bulldoze each lady. Then La Toya pulls a brazen move, asking Trump for permission to fire Omarosa herself.
Trump says no, and Arsenio forces La Toya to admit she called Omarosa “a witch.” Claudia stops short of calling Omarosa a name, saying “If you’re smart enough, you don’t have to be so cutthroat.” Then La Toya pulls out another shocker, calling Brande and Dennis Rodman back to the board room with her, perplexing everyone within shouting distance when she lets Omarosa off the hook.
La Toya thought Trump was buying into Omarosa’s sympathy grab, but Trump tells La Toya, “I didn’t see any tears.” Trump ultimately believes La Toya was just afraid of going toe-to-toe with Omarosa, and that seals the deal for him. “You made a terrible choice,” Donald tells La Toya. “You’re fired.” In the backseat of the cab as she makes her exit, La Toya calls Omarosa “a snake,” and claims she probably pulled the plug on her late fiance. Ouch!
Brande and Dennis promise La Toya they are going to do what they can to get Omarosa booted. Tune in to NBC next Sunday night at 9 pm / 8 central to see if they succeed.
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