all the right moves oxygen 'All the Right Moves' promises beautiful dancing and plenty of dramaJust because Oxygen’s new reality series “All the Right Moves” focuses just as much on the inter-personal drama between the co-founders of dance company Shaping Sound as it does the dancing doesn’t mean you won’t get to enjoy some gorgeous, choreographed routines.

“All the Right Moves” follows the recently Emmy-nominated choreographer Travis Wall (for his “So You Think You Can Dance” compositions “Collide,” “How It Ends” and “Fix You”) and his business partners and childhood friends Nick Lazzarini, Kyle Robinson and Teddy Forance as they create Shaping Sound with fellow dancers and friends Taja Riley and Jaimie Goodwin.

At the 2012 Television Critics Association summer press tour, Lazzarini promises reporters that there will be two beautifully shot, music video-style numbers per hourlong episode.

“Obviously all the drama and all the other things are great — that’s what keeps people watching — but I think that the really great thing about this dance show compared to other dance shows that are out there is that it’s all based on the dancing,” Lazzarini says. “There are two phenomenal dance numbers in every episode, and they’re music video style. There’s jazz numbers and there’s hip-hop numbers and there’s contemporary numbers. We give a full spectrum of what we do and our backgrounds and how we grew up.”

They’re interestingly shot, too, with the camera positioned in the middle of the movement for awesome, atypical shots from a director who used to be a dancer. “She had a really keen eye for where she’d want the cameras to go and how to get inside the movement which is something cool that you don’t really get [on other dance shows].”

That said, there’s plenty of drama. As plainly seen in Oxygen’s trailers and commercials for the new series, which premieres Tuesday, July 31 at 9 p.m. on the network, there are egos and control issues in play. “At first when we were getting things kicked off, I definitely took the leadership role. I wanted to, but I also was kind of put in that position with the guys,” Wall says.

“Throughout this season we definitely see control struggles. I have a controlling issue,” Wall admits. “I like to control every single thing I do because that’s what I have done my entire life. …
Our egos are definitely tested. We have to be confident as choreographers. …
That was not the intention of starting this dance company, to put my name on it.”

Executive producers Randy Barbato and Fenton Bailey, veterans of many a reality series, say that they are extremely proud of the project because not only is it dramatic television, it’s also real and artistic and a pleasure to watch.

“There are two things that were so exciting about making this series,” Barbato says. “One is it’s really based on artistry. They’re amazing artists and they’re so passionate about what they do. And then there’s authenticity here. We didn’t cast this cast. They have a genuine relationship that goes very deep. It’s a producer’s dream.”

“All the Right Moves” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Oxygen.

Posted by:Jean Bentley