fox alan gregory 'Allen Gregory' video preview: Jonah Hill's new FOX comedy fits right inWhile child genius Allen Gregory may not fit in with the kids at his elementary school, “Allen Gregory” will slide seamlessly into place among the rest of FOX’s animated comedy offerings. From Jonah Hill, of Judd Apatow fame, the preview delivers on the “smart, subversive tone” promised by FOX entertainment President Kevin Reilly.

Allen, voiced by Hill, is described as “the most pretentious 7-year-old of our time.” Condescending to adults and pouring pinot at lunch, he lives up to the tagline. “I’ve traveled the world, folks,” he says. “I’ve written genre-shattering novels, mediated peace talks, you all know my resume. But I’m about to embark on the biggest challenge of my life. Attending elementary school.”

In addition to Hill, the voice talents on the show include Nat Faxon, French Stewart, Joy Osmanski, Leslie Mann, and Will Forte, among others.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie