judge rips allen iverson custody decree gi Allen Iverson accused of abducting his own children by ex wifeNBA All-Star Allen Iverson continues to find himself in trouble. This time, the bad boy b-baller has been accused by his ex-wife Tawanna Iverson of abducting their children.

TMZ reports that Tawanna filed legal documents on Monday (June 17) claiming that Allen had asked permission to take their five children on a short vacation to Charlotte, NC from May 22-May 26, as she was given full legal and physical custody of the kids in February 2013. She allowed the trip, but says that when May 26 came around, the children (whose ages range from 3 to 16) were not returned to her custody.

In the filed documents, Tawanna says she attempted to arrange an exchange on June 4 at a nearby Target store, but her basketball player ex-husband never showed.

Tawanna doesn’t believe that Allen ever took the kids on the trip to Charlotte; instead, she believes he has them in a hotel room in Georgia. She says she’s doubly concerned because of Allen’s alcoholism, which leads him to drink around the children.

She’s asking that the court force Allen to return the kids to her and punish him, suggesting that he be put in jail.

Allen’s alcohol dependency played a large part in his custody case, with the judge writing that his refusal to work on the problem has caused him to do inappropriate things in the presence of his children. The judge further wrote, “[Iverson] does not know how to manage the children; has little interest in learning to manage the children and has actually, at times, been a hindrance to their spiritual and emotional growth and development.”

Posted by:Billy Nilles