FOX has released a poster for its futuristic cop show “Almost Human,” and it plays up the connection between stars Karl Urban and Michael Ealy. Take a look:

almost human poster 'Almost Human': Karl Urban and Michael Ealy are one in poster for FOX's new seriesThe series, which premieres Nov. 4, stars Urban as John Kennex, an LAPD detective in the year 2048 who, after being gravely wounded in a shootout, wakes up from a coma to discover he has a synthetic leg. Each human officer has an android for a partner, and after Kennex ditches his, his boss (Lili Taylor) pairs him up with Dorian (Ealy), a discontinued model designed to mimic human emotions.

The show also stars Minka Kelly, Michael Irby and Mackenzie Crook — all of whom you can see in this video from the show’s photo shoot. “Almost Human” is scheduled to premiere Monday, Nov. 4.

Posted by:Rick Porter