david strathairn alphas 'Alphas' recap: Change is ComingA man named Marcus apparently has the power to turn the whole world into his own personal Rube Goldberg machine with his preternatural control over cause and effect, as well as his ability to put coins in exactly the right place at exactly the right time. After he uses his power to engineer an escape from an institutional ambulance, Rosen and the Alphas are brought in. As it turns out, Marcus was a patient of Rosen’s lo these many years ago, before Rosen had to send him to a place for dangerous Alphas called Binghamton. It is this place from which Marcus has escaped, and with his belief that nothing in the world is random, he’s dangerous and paranoid. He soon finds Rosen, but after realizing that Rosen isn’t in on whatever evil crap Marcus thinks the Binghamton doctors are up to, he just keeps engineering elaborate escapes from himself that tend to get other people killed.

Eventually, Marcus signals his intent to come after Nathan Cley, the senior FBI agent in charge of the manhunt (and other Alpha-related stuff, apparently), but it’s just a ruse to draw out Rosen and the Alphas so Marcus can grab Rosen. He then stages a standoff, wherein he alludes to Rosen that humanity is going to freak out over the Alphas and the outcome will be inevitably violent, blah blah X-Men-cakes. And as if to demonstrate, he lets Cley shoot him square in the chest, knocking him into the river below. Of course no body is found. But what we know, and no one else does, is that somewhere in the water is a quarter with a bullet lodged in it. Clever, that. Enough quarters and the Alphas will be invincible!

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