david strathairn alphas 'Alphas' recap: Demons from NellThe team’s attempt to nab a high-up member of the rogue Alpha organization Red Flag comes up empty, except for a computer and a severely autistic woman the bad guys left behind in the house. Gary is the first to realize that her seemingly random movements and noises comprise her own personal language, which seemingly only she (and Gary, with his transducer powers and an iPhone) can understand. Figuring that Red Flag must have been using her to encode their messages, they put her right to work going through that computer, with Gary as her liaison and new best friend. This project soon leads the team to realize that Red Flag plans to hijack and blow up a fuel truck. They follow the clues to stop it and… get the wrong vehicle.

Which makes sense, once Gary figures out that his new friend Anna has been feeding him wrong information. That’s when we find out that Anna’s actually the leader of Red Flag ZOMG! Gary manages to decode and transmit the correct data to the team, allowing Bill and Cameron to catch up to the bombers so they can have a nice, close view when the bad guys sacrifice themselves blowing up the fuel truck anyway. The target: a pharmaceutical company working on a drug to prevent birth defects — including, possibly, Alphas. Gary, luckily, has survived the DOS attack that Anna called down on him in order to cover her escape. However, that same attack lets Rosen know that Red Flag isn’t the tiny little cell he and the late Don Wilson thought it was, but a full-blown cartel. Oops.

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