david strathairn alphas Alphas recap: We Dont Need Another <i>Heroes</i>A stock boy gets a text message directing him to a specific rooftop at a specific time, and suddenly everyone around him is saying “Time to kill” and “Pull the trigger.” Which he does. After that semi-mysterious opening, we meet Dr. Lee Rosen (David Strathairn), who is in charge of a group of…special people. They include Nina, who has the power to make people do whatever she wants them to; Bill, whose adrenalin gives him super-strength; Gary, who can channel-surf the electromagnetic spectrum and read the signals like a human NORAD; and Rachel, who has super senses. In addition to acting as therapist and doctor to these “Alphas,” Rosen also knows a guy from the government who wants him to look into how a federal prisoner was shot while in custody and inside a sealed room.

Of course the shooter was the stock boy and everyone but Bill gets to bring their powers to bear to track him down. It turns out he’s got powers of his own: the kind of athleticism and body control that allows him to pitch no-hitters and shoot federal witnesses through air ducts. After they catch him, they figure out that he’s been brainwashed. You know, the kind of thing Nina does, only on steroids.

Now that they have the shooter — whose name is Cameron — the plan is to use him as bait to catch the guy who was brainwashing him. While they’re working on that, Don reveals to Rosen that it looks like they’re after someone known as the Ghost, who works with a terrorist organization called Red Flag. Anyway, when the operation goes down, the Ghost pulls a switcheroo and gets away while our heroes (including Cameron) run a merry chase after the bellboy that the Ghost brainwashed into taking his place.

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