david strathairn alphas 'Alphas' recap: Who Is Stanton Parish?Apparently the squinty killer Alpha from last week has been a busy beaver, and Red Flag leaders are dropping off the grid. Perhaps these two facts are connected? The team tracks Squinty to his next target, who turns out to be none other than Dr. Rosen’s own estranged, apparently strung-out daughter, Danielle. And she’s an Alpha. Surprise.

Rosen’s got his hands full now. On one front, Danielle is taking him on the Guilt Grand Tour of his failings as a father and a husband, while not being particularly forthcoming about the significance of the necklace she stole that Squinty was trying to recover before Cameron killed him. On the other hand, Agent Sullivan is haranguing Rosen to figure out what Red Flag’s big plans are for seven the next morning, so that’s pretty time-sensitive. Fortunately, one problem solves the other, as Rachel figures out that the necklace carries an encoded message, inviting Red Flag’s senior management to a big meeting at an abandoned brick factory.

But I should tell you who’s calling the meeting. While the above is going on, Bill has a wild hair up his has about “Stanton Parish,” that clue he was given two weeks ago. With Gary’s help, he learns that Stanton Parish was a scientist whose pro-Alpha manifesto laid the foundation for Red Flag before his death 30 years ago. Only Parish isn’t dead. In fact, he’s been alive since the Civil War, without having aged a day. And Rosen figures that this Alpha-Alpha is the one who called the meeting.

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