always sunny season 7 rob mcelhenney fx 'Always Sunny' returns: Rob McElhenney finds 'Avatar' comparison, talks going as far as Season 10If you know anything about Season 7 of “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia,” premiering Sept. 15 on FX, you know that creator and star Rob McElhenney is now fat.

And though his sudden, and intentional, 50-pound weight gain figures into Mac’s scenes, its inclusion was intended to just amuse the 34-year-old actor.

“It wasn’t just about getting overweight, it was about trying to look as unattractive as I possibly could,” McElhenney recently told reporters. “Our goal has always been to try and do what’s not being done on television, and literally deconstructing the sitcom. So, where most sitcoms try to make the characters as lovable and likable, and as far I’m concerned, as fake as possible, we try to go the opposite, which is to make them as deplorable as possible, just to see if we can get away with it.”

“Sunny” has gotten away with a lot in its seven-season run, and in the beginning of this new outing, a lot of the boundary-pushing is surprisingly… gory.
Charlie (Charlie Day), in particular, has a moment in the season premiere where he starts vomiting gallons of blood all over Frank’s blind date.

always sunny season 7 group 1 fx 'Always Sunny' returns: Rob McElhenney finds 'Avatar' comparison, talks going as far as Season 10“We have an amazing special effects team, and they literally like create this sort of tube that is painted green that goes over the side of  his cheek and then from certain angles it looks like he’s projectile vomiting,” says McElhenney. “It’s pretty cool. Like Avatar.”

And maybe an “Avatar” spoof isn’t so far off either. They have more and more time to fill, with “Sunny” recently nabbing another two-season pick-up, with an option for a 10th if they still feel the show fun to work on and watch.

“Really when it comes down to it we don’t want to ever feel like we’ve sold out our fans,” McElhenney says. “I believe that this season, the seventh season, is our strongest season yet. Which to me, it makes me incredibly optimistic for the future.”

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell