alyssa milano romantically challenged 320 Alyssa Milano rallies her fans to save 'Romantically Challenged'The broadcast networks officially announce their fall schedules next week, but that hasn’t stopped the speculation about what will stay and what get canceled from flying around the blogosphere fast and furious this week.

On Thursday (May 13), ABC’s midseason comedy “Romantically Challenged” got caught in the crosshairs, when Entertainment Weekly pronounced it dead.

This was news to star Alyssa Milano who took to her Twitter account to set things straight and rally her fans to make an eleventh hour bid to keep “Challenged” around:

I just spoke to abc. They say that no decision has been made as of yet.

We’re going to post the latest news on the status of #RomanticallyChallenged on the @RomChallenged account.

Again, no “official” word from ABC that #RomanticallyChallenged is canceled. Until we get official word let’s just smile.

CALL in your message of support for #RomanticallyChallenged at 818-460-7477 follow the voice prompts

This isn’t the first time Milano has used Twitter as more than a way to share what she ate for breakfast with her 827,000+ followers. In January, she issued a challenge to help raise relief funds following the Haitian earthquake.

ABC announces its Fall 2010 schedule on Tuesday, May 18.

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