amanda-bynes-accident-pics-DUI-mugshot-gi-500.jpgAmanda Bynes might want to consider hiring a driver. TMZ is reporting that a Los Angeles woman filed a police report Saturday (Aug. 4) claiming that the “What I Like About You” actress hit her car and then drove away without exchanging information.

The incident marks Bynes’ third in just three months. Bynes was arrested on suspicion of DUI on April 6, to which she pled not guilty, and was then accused of hit-and-run accidents on May 5 and May 27.

The other driver in the most recent accident says her Toyota Corolla was rear-ended by a black BMW, and she didn’t recognize Bynes as the BMW driver at first because she “looked like a hot mess.” Once the pair began talking, however, the driver realized it was Bynes. She asked the 26-year-old actress to exchange information, but Bynes “seemed nervous about that.” After Bynes reportedly attempted to push the other driver’s bumper back into place, she got back in her car and drove off.

The driver tells TMZ she called police and filed a hit-and-run incident report. When the driver told the officer who hit her, the officer allegedly replied, “Didn’t she just get a DUI?”

No word from Bynes’ reps yet.

Posted by:Jennifer Harper