amanda bynes zac efron jillian ugly Amanda Bynes adds Zac Efron and her sister Jillian to 'ugly' list

Watch out world, Amanda Bynes is on the warpath again. It’s clear that her favorite word to use against people is ugly. She uses it on everyone. From Jay-Z, to Chrissy Teigen, to even her own dad, Amanda thinks they’re all ugly people.
Now the troubled former actress has two new targets. First and foremost, actor Zac Efron. That’s right, the star of the “High School Musical” franchise, among a bunch of other movies, is ugly to Amanda. In a tweet, which she deleted of course, Bynes claims Efron “has an ugly face.” That’s not nice, especially considering the two of them worked together on “Hairspray.”
If going after a former co-star is confusing, what about her own sister? That’s right, Amanda’s sister Jillian is the second member of her family to join the ugly club. In even more deleted tweets, which were posted Wednesday night (June 25), Bynes calls her former dream man Drake out as ugly, before adding, “My Sister Jillian Has An Ugly Face Don’t Worry Drake.” Just to drive the point home, she then wrote, “Check Out Every Photo Of My Sister Jillian. She’s Not Pretty!”
So who’s next on Amanda’s list? It shouldn’t be too long before everyone finds out, she really likes going after people on Twitter.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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