amanda bynes dope twitpic Amanda Bynes attacks Lance Bass and Perez Hilton in newest 'ugly' tweetsAs part of her downward spiral, Amanda Bynes has been busy these last couple months calling various celebrities “ugly” — Jay-Z, Rihanna, Jenny McCarthy.

Now she has added Lance Bass and Perez Hilton to the mix.

It started when Bass went on the Mark & Mercedes 94.1 radio show, telling the hosts of the Bynes’ drama, “It’s one of those situations where obviously there’s some mental
problems there and she’s not able to see that … I’m actually really scared for her, and I hope someone is able to get to her to give her the help she needs.”

Bynes’ response?

“I ignored Lance Bass on twitter and now he is saying I have a mental
illness. Sorry you’re an ugly ex boy band member w/ no talent or career,” to which Bass tweets back, “Ouch- The Amanda I know would never had said something like this to me-
either this is a fake person or she really does have a mental illness.
Way too sad. I reached out- all i can do.”

Bynes then writes, “I haven’t spoken to Lance Bass in 11 years. To say I have a mental
illness out of nowhere makes me lash out! You’re making me crazy!”

And Bass comes back with, “Now I really don’t think this is Amanda- we shot LoveWrecked together 7
years ago and she was just at my bday party 3 years ago. Hmmm 11?”

The “Love Wrecked” he is referring to is the 2005 ABC Family movie starring Bynes, which featured Bass as “Cell Phone Dan.” So, he’s right that they did work together on something less than 11 years ago.

Meanwhile, seemingly apropos of othing, Bynes tweets Friday morning (May 31), “Perez Hilton is an ugly gay bully. If you like him I won’t be your friend.”

Perhaps it is in response to Hilton’s site blowing the lid off of Buffalo-gate.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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