amanda bynes perez hilton twitter war gi Amanda Bynes attacks 'ugly' Perez Hilton and gay single parents everywhere

Oh, boy … It seems Amanda Bynes may have officially crossed the line. All eyes have been on the “Easy A” star’s Twitter feed since she announced she wanted Canadian rapper Drake to commit homicide on her private parts, and she’s kept herself in the headlines by acting as erratically on the social media site as she does in real life. 
The latest comes via an attack on gossip blogger Perez Hilton, in which Bynes manages to insult gay single fathers everywhere. Amanda started by writing to Perez, “I’m so sick of u saying ur sincerely worried about me. At least pick a photo from my twitter if u won’t stop talking about me.” OK, no harm, no foul so far. Amanda has provided countless Twitter selfies lately that she would like media outlets to use in their reports because she’s not a fan of how “fat” and “pregnant” she looks (huge eye roll) in paparazzi pics.
Amanda continues to tweet to Perez: “leave me alone! You are the scum of the earth!! Pick better photos f***er!” Wow, she’s really into this whole picture thing, huh? In fact, Amanda wants Perez to use the photo posted below “to describe how much hotter I am than you!” She clarifies in her next tweet that the composite image is made up of “our most recent close up pics.” Seriously, who gave this girl access to the Picstitch app?
But it’s Amanda’s final tweet on the situation that goes really, really wrong. “@perezhilton is ugly, has never had a hot boyfriend,” Amanda writes. “He makes being gay look bad! No one wants to be a single parent bc no man wants them.” So, along with taking a cheap shot at Perez, Amanda just insulted Ricky Martin, Clay Aiken, and countless non-celebrity single gay fathers around the world. (Perez announced the birth of his son in February 2012.) 
Despite the attack, Perez tells Yahoo News he wishes his former friend well, and claims he and others have reached out to Bynes many times to offer help. “I hope she gets better and works through her issues, sooner than later,” he says. “Instead of getting her Charlie Sheen on, it is my wish that she overcome and shine on — like Robert Downey, Jr.”
amanda bynes twitter perez hilton Amanda Bynes attacks 'ugly' Perez Hilton and gay single parents everywhere
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