amanda bynes drake tweet vagina Amanda Bynes' Drake tweet: The best responses on TwitterIn case you missed it Thursday night (March 21), former child star Amanda Bynes made a rather interesting tweet about wanting musician Drake to murder her vagina.

That’s not funny at all. It actually makes us really sad and concerned.

But what is funny are the responses the tweet sparked on Twitter, as it rocketed up what was trending on the social media website. Here are some of our favorite responses:

No, really. Just try to imagine what it’s like to be so famous that other celebrities are openly begging for you to murder their ladyparts. — @AdamSmoot
@adamsmoot I believe that is technically called “The Sinatra” — @wisconsinrob

Aaaaaand countdown to Amanda Bynes claiming she was hacked in 5…4…3… — @nottheqb

I want @Drake to make me some Totino’s Pizza Rolls. I’m not violent. — @AshleyBurns

[runs in room] DID… *gasp*… DI-*cough*.. DID ANYONE MAKE AN AMANDA BYNES BUSTED BRACKETS JOKE YET? — @PegPelvisPete

I want @drake to stop making s***ty music. #AmIDoingThisRight? — @HofC

Not really the sort of monologue they meant, @AmandaBynes — @KeithLaw

I want @Drake to murder my landlord. — @BrianPHickey

Amanda Bynes hasn’t been this popular since… (flips calendar pages back, keeps going year after year, grows beard…) — @JoeYerdonPHT

I’m actually kind of pissed. @AmandaBynes stole my @Drake tweet… — @EricStangel

R.I.P. Amanda Bynes vagina — @JensenClan88

I’m sorry I can’t go into work tomorrow because I’ve launched an investigation into the murder of @AmandaBynes vagina. — @thealexhughes

That would be the weirdest episode of LAW & ORDER ever. RT @AmandaBynes I want @drake to murder my vagina — @BrianLynch

Miley Cyrus twerking & Amanda Bynes rocket launching the box at Drake. Where did nickelodeon go wrong? — @MeloMayne

Answering the question; “What A Girl Wants.” RT @AmandaBynes: I want @drake to murder my vagina — @robertcarroll

“I wouldn’t murder @Drake with Amanda Bynes’ vagina!” –Comedy Central Roast of Amanda Bynes’ vagina. — @Ethan_Booker

I think it’s adorable that former Nickelodeon stars Amanda Bynes and Drake Bell are gonna murder eachother’s genitals. — @Patrickmarkryan

I need a Spring Breakers 2 with Lindsay, Amanda Bynes and Tara Reid — @TyeTyeee

Amanda Bynes seems nice. — @Lizzwinstead

I think the most shocking part of @AmandaBynes tweet about @drake is she pumped the breaks and went with “vagina.” — @gabezal

What in the world happened to Amanda Bynes? It’s almost as if every child television star is sent off with a hug and 10lbs of cocaine. — @ZineAFC

Amanda Bynes telling Drake to murder her vag, Joe Jonas has a sextape, Miley Cyrus making twerk videos. My childhood is literally dead. — @aguywithnolife

In 2007 Amanda Bynes was in a movie with John Travolta and Christopher Walken and Jennifer Lawrence was on the Bill Engvall Show — @BobbyBigWheel

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