amanda bynes topless twitpic Amanda Bynes DUI attorney says actress is 'fine,' NYPD has no case

Amanda Bynes‘ Los Angeles-based attorney seems to be the only one besides Bynes herself who believes the actress is not a complete and total mess. 

Richard Hutton appeared in court on Bynes’ behalf Wednesday (May 29) for a hearing related to a DUI charge stemming from a 2012 accident wherein Bynes sideswiped a cop car. In addition to defending Bynes before the judge, Hutton defends her to People magazine.
“I think [reports] are way exaggerated,” says Hutton. “I think Amanda’s fine. I have no problems with her whatsoever. She’s a fine client.” Hutton says he has been in touch with Bynes recently. “Every time I’ve talked to her, I’ve had nice, attorney-client normal relations with her,” he says. Wait, did someone really just call Amanda Bynes “normal?”
Hutton also believes Amanda will get off scot-free in the case of the flying bong. “The New York case doesn’t seem like much of a case, really,” the California lawyer explains. “I mean, come on. Even if you believe everything you hear, it’s something that amounts to virtually nothing … There’s no physical evidence to back it up. I understand there’s no marijuana, no pipe.” 

Bynes will not have to appear on her DUI charge in LA unless it goes to trial, which Hutton doubts very highly will happen. He tells People, “She’ll never be here.” The next hearing in Bynes’ DUI case is scheduled for July 18. That’s just nine days after her next court date in the New York case, wherein she faces multiple charges related to her Memorial Day weekend arrest.
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